Travel can be a great way to see new places and experience different cultures but it can also be a pain if you're not prepared. There are a lot of things you need to think about when packing for a trip, and it's easy to forget something important. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the 23 most essential travel items you'll wish you had. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases but these are items are suggestions and ideas. 

Trust us, you'll be glad you have these things when you're on your trip! 

1. Toiletry Covers 

Toiletry covers allow you to not have to worry about leaks and a slimy bag or luggage. It’s worth the investment. 


2. Shower Shoes 

Shower shoes are an essential item for any traveler, especially if you’re staying at places with communal bathrooms. Shower shoes will protect your feet from any dirt, grime, and bacteria that could be lurking in the showers.


3. Compression Packing Cubes

Compression packing cubes are a must-have for any traveler looking to maximize the use of space in their luggage. Compression packing cubes help to reduce the size of bigger items like jackets and sweaters so you can fit more into your bag. The cubes also come in a variety of sizes, making it easy for you to fit whatever you need into smaller compartments. By compressing the air out of the cubes, you can make more room in your bag for other items. Plus, they are lightweight, durable, and easy to store. If you are looking to save time and space, compression packing cubes are the way to go.


4. Compression Packing Bags

 This is also an ingenious invention that adds organization to your luggage and is great for packing neatly and saves space.


5. Portable Power Strip

Having a power strip handy is a great way to charge multiple devices at the same time. It’s also compact.


6. 65W Power Bank

This is very important if you are traveling with devices like phones and laptops that need to be charged. Portable chargers come in handy in all kinds of unexpected scenarios. A portable charger can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling and your phone runs out of juice. If you want to charge a laptop, make sure your power bank is at least 65 watts. 


7. Travel Blanket and Pillow

If you want to travel comfortably with some extra warmth, make sure to pack a lightweight blanket that can double as a pillow. 


8. Passport Holder

Make sure you have all necessary identification documents such as a passport or a driver's license. The passport holder will ensure your passport stays clean and prevent damage. 


9. Portable Jewelry Case

Portable jewelry cases are just as essential as compression packing cubes, especially for the travelers who are carrying important and expensive jewelry on their trips. Portable jewelry cases are lightweight and compact, making them easy to fit inside your luggage. They are perfect for keeping your jewelry safe and free from dust and dirt. The case offers protection from accidental damage or loss. The cases come in a variety of materials depending on the budget and need of the person. 


10. 220 Volt International Travel Power Plug Adapter

Be sure to pack a power adapter or converter if you are traveling to a different country. The electrical outlets and the voltage are different. Make sure whatever you plug in has the correct voltage.  


11. Nipple Covers with Travel Box

Nipple covers are a must-have item for any female traveler looking to stay comfortable and safe while exploring a new destination, it is the perfect way to maintain your modesty and make sure you have that extra layer of protection.

The nipple covers also come with a travel box to ensure easy storage and transport. The travel box is designed to hold four to six nipple covers of various sizes, keeping them safe, organized, and easily accessible whenever you need them. It is also a great way to store other small items like jewelry and headphones. 


12. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

The hanging jewelry organizer is a great way to keep track of your jewelry and other small items while traveling. It’s lightweight and foldable, allowing you to pack it in a suitcase or a carry-on without taking up much space. 


13. Suitcase Cover

A suitcase cover can help you protect your suitcase and its contents while traveling. It can be a godsend when navigating narrow passages on trains and planes or when dragging your luggage through busy streets. A suitcase cover will act as a barrier to any potential damages caused by the environment, such as dirt, dust, and scratches. 

You also want to make sure you buy a suitcase cover that is the right size for your luggage. Look for a cover that is close to the size of your suitcase and check the total dimensions of the cover before making your purchase. 


14. Travel Makeup Brush Holder

A travel makeup brush holder is a must-have item if you need a place to store and keep your makeup brushes organized while traveling. A makeup brush holder will protect the bristles of your brushes while also keeping your makeup items organized when stored in a suitcase or carry-on. 


15. Portable Sunglasses Storage Case

Whether you’re headed to the beach or on an outdoor excursion, protecting your sunglasses is essential. One way to do this is to invest in a good portable sunglasses storage case with dividers to have options for different outfits. They offer the convenience of keeping your sunglasses safe and protected no matter where you go.


16. Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag that holds all the essentials you need, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, and more, can be a lifesaver on the go.


17. trtl Travel Pillow

A good travel pillow will help give you that much-needed rest on long flights, so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. The trtl is a neck pillow that is perfect if you’re in the middle seat and have no shoulder or window to lean on to take a nap


18. Travel Cable Organizer

Travel cable organizers are great for keeping all your cords and wires organized while traveling. They are lightweight and can easily fit in a suitcase, handbag, or backpack. They also have multiple compartments to help you organize your items efficiently. This eliminates the time-consuming hassle of looking through a pile of tangled cords. 


19. Travel Towel

A travel towel is lightweight and easy to pack, saving you space in your suitcase.


20. Luggage Strap

A luggage strap is great for securely keeping your luggage together, closed and organized while you travel. The straps make sure your suitcases don't open during transit and prevents your bags from shifting during travel. It is also useful for tracking your luggage since it can be personalized with your name/address/phone number written on it, so it can easily be identified as your own.


21. Portable Hanging Travel Shelves

Portable hanging travel shelves are an innovative item that you can use to keep your belongings safe, secure, and organised when you’re on the go. These lightweight and adjustable shelves are perfect for maximizing limited space while travelling, as they can be easily hung to make arranging your belongings easier.


22. Luggage Scale

An electronic luggage scale can take out the guesswork in determining the weight of your luggage, which is essential for airline travel requirements.


23. RFID Blocking Wallet

This type of wallet will protect your credit and debit cards from skimming and remote scanning, so you can travel in peace.

We hope you found this list of essential travel items helpful! Pack everything on this list and you'll be sure to have a more comfortable and stress-free trips. Enjoy your travels!