How do you get to a place where you look good and truly feel comfortable with what you’re wearing?

There’s always a new trend, there’s always a new thing everyone is raving about. Being able to stay true to who you are, express yourself authentically, and still look great is what personal style is all about.

Even though it’s great to be aware of the current trends and adopting the ones you love, having style isn’t only about following trends and keeping up with the latest fashion.


Style is a personal way of expression.

In the realm of fashion, your personal style is how you express yourself through the clothes and accessories you wear based on your preferences, what you love, what you feel comfortable in.

Personal style is about staying true to yourself instead of being pressured to continuously buy new items to keep up with trends.

1. Know your body type

To build anything strong, you need to start with the foundation. The foundation to finding your personal style is knowing and understanding your body type.

It is important to know your body type so you can know what type of clothes will fit you and naturally look good on you.

Finding a balance between functionality and style, and knowing your body type is a good way to start. 

2. Get familiar with your wardrobe

You may have built a massive collection of clothes over the years, possibly from buying clothes because they were on sale or because you thought you’d like them because it was on trend at the time.

A good place to start is getting rid of items in your wardrobe that you don’t like or feel comfortable in. 

The clothes you want to keep are the ones you are very familiar with because you wear and repeat them a lot. They are the pieces that can point you towards the style you prefer.

We understand you might be attached to your clothes and feel a way g about getting rid of them. However, to get a better sense of your personal style, you have to get rid of items you don’t like, need, or use. It's taking up space for a potentially bomb closet! 

3. Draw inspiration from your favorite fashion icon(s)

Pay attention to what or who you like.

Who’s the person whose style you’ve always admired? Paying attention to the people you love and admire for their style and way of dressing will help you be clear on what you like. When you start seeing a pattern, you’re getting close to defining your personal style.

4. Pay attention to the colors and combinations you gravitate to

Colors play a significant role in finding your personal style. Do you like vibrant colors or muted colors? Colors can be used to express a wide range of emotions. The colors you love and feel comfortable with can give you insight into what vibe you want to give off such as a flamboyant style or soft and mellow.

5. Create a personal style vision board

Visualizing your style goals can help you achieve them.

A good way to enhance your vision and gain clarity about your personal style is to create a personal style vision board. Your style vision board will feature the styles and looks you admire and aspire to dress like.

Make sure you only include what you absolutely love and will love to add to your style.

6. Discover your signature pieces

If you pay attention to the items you grab often in your closet, you can discover you have a set of go-to items that you wear.

These are the items you can always count on to make you feel comfortable and confident. Paying attention to your signature pieces and becoming more familiar and intentional with them will help you define your personal style.


Confidence doesn’t necessarily come from looking good only, it also comes from being comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing because it expresses your true nature. 

How we look affects how we feel, so it’s important we try to look our best to make positive impressions everywhere we go even if it's for ourselves.