When you think of summertime and vacations, the first thing that probably comes to mind is hot weather and swimsuits. However, you can still look chic and elegant on your next vacation even if you’re not headed to the beach. Packing the right clothing and accessories will ensure that you look and feel your best while you’re away from home. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the city, there are a few key items that will help you look chic and elegant no matter where you go. 

Matching sets are a great option for daytime activities. They’re easy to pack and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For night time, opt for something a bit more glamorous, like a flowy dress or a statement jumpsuit. 

Don’t forget to pack the right accessories to complete your look. A big sunhat, a pair of sunglasses, and some pieces of jewelry will have you looking like a jet setter in no time. Accessories can really take your look to the next level. Enjoy your vacation in style. 

Read on for more tips on how to look elegant and chic on your next vacation!

  1. Choose fabrics wisely: When packing for your vacation, choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. This will keep you comfortable in warmer weather and prevent you from looking too sweaty or wrinkled. 
  1. Pack versatile pieces: Look for pieces that can be easily dressed up or down, so you can wear them for different occasions. A white linen shirt can be dressed up with a pair of heels and statement jewelry or dressed down with sneakers and denim shorts. 
  1. Don’t forget about comfort: While you want to look your best on vacation, ultimately you want to be comfortable enough to enjoy your time away. Opt for clothing that fits well and doesn’t restrict your movement. 
  1. Accessorize with intention: Choose a few statement accessories that can elevate your outfit. A pair of statement earrings or a colorful scarf can make a basic outfit feel more polished. 
  1. Bring a statement piece: Whether it’s a bold jacket or a fun pair of sandals, bring one standout piece that you can build your outfits around. This will add some excitement to your vacation wardrobe and make you feel confident and stylish. 
  1. Consider the location: Dressing chic and elegant on vacation doesn’t mean wearing the same thing you would wear in the city. Consider the location and climate to pack outfits that are appropriate for the setting. A breezy sundress may be more appropriate for a tropical resort than a pair of skinny jeans. 
  1. Keep it simple: While it’s tempting to pack your entire wardrobe, sometimes less is more. Stick to a few key pieces that you know you feel good in and create different outfits with them. This will make packing and getting dressed each day much easier.

That's it for our tips on how to look elegant and chic on your next vacation! Be sure to shop at Forever Romance for all your go-to vacation looks. We have everything you need to make sure you look your best, no matter where you're going.